Friday, March 12, 2010

Complaining- The Blessing Repellant

I'm not much for complaining these days.  It's actually become one of my pet peeves because I now naturally gravitate towards people, places and things that are full of joy and goodness.  Therefore I have no need for complaining.  It doesn't serve the life that I want and am attracting everyday. You see I understand that the more I focus on the goodness and blessings all around me, the more of those things I attract.  My passion is to live a life of purpose.  The kind of life people only dream about- full of wisdom, love, abundance and divine guidance in every area of my life.   In order to accomplish this I have to be true to myself, have faith in God and express His love at home, at work and everywhere I go.  This is how God will be able to use me to enlarge and enrich humanity.  This is how good people become great and leave a lasting legacy of love and prosperity.

Living out your fullest potential in life requires discipline to let go of bad habits like complaining, worrying, self-defense mechanisms, excuses, guilt, envy & jealousy and self-pity.  These devices are only boundaries and stumbling blocks to your success. When you complain habitually it's because

Monday, March 8, 2010

Breaking Through the Surface

Pots of Dirt

A couple of months ago our family got together at my mom's house. It was really cold and rainy that day. My mom, who happens to be a green thumb, has this collection of orchids she was concerned about. It was supposed to be one of the coldest nights of the year and she knew that if the flowers stayed outside they would die. Well, they weren't really flowers yet. At the time they were just pots of dirt, and some of them had stems but if you know anything about orchids, until they bloom again, they are just a pot of dirt and a bald stem.

We began our rescue efforts and relocated more than 50 flower pots safely into the house. This is Florida and yes we have the most ideal weather but that night, with the cold and rain I remembered why I moved away from the North.

Unfortunately some of the big plants that didn't get relocated into the house that night showed signs of distress a few weeks later