Saturday, September 29, 2012

Have You Seen God Today?

Have you seen God/Love today?
 I saw God today.
He was there in my cozy, peaceful sleep this morning and the bird's lullaby outside my window.

He was there in my husband's good morning smile and sweet embrace and my teenagers'   "I Love You Mom" as they hurriedly set off for school.

 I saw Him, as I passed the friendly, waving palm trees standing at attention in front of my house.

He was there when the kind neighbor chased the squirrel away and replaced the lid on his neighbor's trash can.

He was the green lights which helped me arrive on time.

He's my reliable Ford that safely takes me everywhere I need to go.

He's in the text message of a dear friend reaching out to chat.

He's in the beautifully, varying shades of green leaves on our tree-lined streets and the pinkish, purply majestic Florida sunsets.

 He's there when I happily turn on my laptop in my pajamas and jump on a conference call.

He's there in my morning Mocha Coffee sessions with hubby.

He's in the gentle reminder that my two front tires need replacing.

He's in the predictable pitter-patter of my strong heart, unfurrowed brow and easy going smile.

He's everywhere I look and impossible to miss.

Have you seen God/Love today?

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  1. That was beautiful! Simply beautiful! Thanks for sharing.