Sunday, October 14, 2012

Felix Baumgartner's Leap of Faith

Today Felix Baumgartner broke three records: a 52-year old record for the highest free fall jump from a balloon also the highest manned balloon and fastest free fall!  What courage! Through out his mission the Cpt. Joe Kittinger repeatedly said his guardian angel would watch over him and he did. This mission was successful on many different levels:
  • all equipment (pressure suit, pressure helmet, helium balloon, capsule, chest pack telemetry) was operational
  • he was able to stabilize his jump
  • his parachute deployed
  • he landed safely
I love studying successful people and whenever I see huge accomplishments I already know there's a success mentality behind it. So I always look to see what quotes successful people love, what methods they use to stay motivated and just an overall sense for how they think. One of Felix's mottos is "Everyone has limits- not everyone accepts them." To be successful several elements must be present:

1. a clear vision of what you want
2. this vision is based on your best-case scenario
3. a fervent expectation that you WILL get what you want
4. the courage to believe it is yours even when there is no physical evidence.

Everyone has limits- not everyone accepts them - Felix Baumgartner
Some people never get to step 1 because they are stuck in their comfort zone. Stepping out and doing the things they fear makes them too uncomfortable. They may even defend their right to be stuck and usually reject any help from loving family or friends. Because they don't want to move past their comfort they can't envision a better way of living.

Most people give up at step 4. They go at it day and night but don't see any change. They are in what I call the Sweet Spot. It's a zone where you have to switch your focus and learn to see into the invisible. We have to learn to rely on our spiritual senses and less on our physical senses if we want to eventually receive what we've been praying for. Every successful person knows you have to vividly see yourself with your desire before it becomes yours. The more time you spend believing this, the faster it becomes your reality.

Learn to love what you've been taught to fear- Carl Goenish
Another one of his quotes is "Learn to love what you've been taught to fear" by Carl Goenish. Moving forward in spite of any fear will eliminate its existence from your life. Fear places limits on your ability and creates a stagnant situation. Courage frees you to believe and achieve the very highest of your potential. Do what you are afraid to do, and you will find fear no longer exists. Take the limits off your life.  When Felix Baumgartner stepped out of the Red Bull Stratos capsule he knew he would land safely and soundly on the precious Roswell, New Mexico soil. So take a step of faith and that step will turn into a leap of faith like Felix Baumgartner's.  

Are you stuck and can't get to the next level in your life? Has fear paralyzed your ability to fulfill your dreams? Listen, I know what it's like to be too afraid to step out of my comfort zone. I struggled with low self esteem, anxiety and was plagued with thoughts of worry.  But I learned to overcome fear and so can you. You don't have to settle for a life of insufficiency or dissatisfaction. You can develop the courage to create an amazing life and live the life you've imagined. If you need step-by-step guidance on breaking through your current struggle contact me at about breakthrough coaching or get my ebook Little Book of Breakthrough: Breakthrough Thoughts for Manifesting Your Heaven on Earth and replace your thoughts TODAY with thoughts of success, self confidence and get your Breakthrough! 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Who Says You're Not Beautiful?

"I wouldn't want to be anybody else!"is the first line of Who Says by Selena Gomez. What a fantastic song of self confidence. It's a part of my Feelin' Good collection. I absolutely love listening to it because it  makes me feel empowered and reminds me of who I AM! Who says you can't have a beautiful life? No one.  No one on this planet has the power to create your life, but you. So don't give that power to anyone. Don't make someone or something the source of your joy. When you allow other people to disappoint you and frustrate you, you are giving your power away.

"I'm no beauty queen; I'm just beautiful me!"
Loving who you are now on the way to who you are becoming is critical for a fulfilling, magical life. If you can't love yourself it is impossible to truly love anyone.  Feeling good about who you are attracts an abundance of goodness to you: the right connections, opportunties, people. When you don't love yourself, the love you develop for people is more attachment-based than true self-less love. It becomes a love based on how they make you feel which is a co-dependent type of love rather than what you can do for them.  Your happiness will most likely be based on external things. Joy on the other hand is a natural byproduct of gratitude and it is unconditional. There is nothing greater than feeling good about yourself. True love is free. It doesn't demand anything in return. It is not afraid to give unconditionally of itself because it is not afraid to get hurt. Self-less love is not moody or easily offended.  It is kind, patient, grateful, poised, lovely and magnetic.

You've Got Every Right To A Beautiful Life!
 Are you touchy or too sensitive? Do people have to watch what they say around you? Do you get ticked off easily? Then you have got a lot of self-lovin' to do. You lack self-appreciation therefore you will attract unfavorable circumstances and people in your life and are likely to blame someone other than yourself for your problems. Love yourself right now, regardless of your faults but more importantly take the time to work on those areas of your life where you are lacking.  Be nice to people. Be grateful for what you have because the more you appreciate yourself, the better you will feel and the better you feel the more beautiful life will become. Recognize you are in control and do something wonderful with your life!
Who says you're not star potential?
Who says you're not Presidential?
Who says you can't be in movies?
Listen to me, listen to me.
Who says you can't pass the test?
Who says you can't be the best?

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Quit Worrying

I tried worrying,
but it didn't feel good,
so I quit.
 My peace now comes from knowing
I'm in Good hands.