Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Mind of Christ

   Every single day I am busy keeping the garden of my subconscious mind/heart clear of weeds, insects and cultivating beautiful fruit of love, joy, peace, gentleness, goodness, faithfulness, kindness and self-control. This way God's goodness is free to flow in my life.  Just like you, I am a work in progress.  Learning each day, that God is truly a good God and has so many wonderful things in store for us all.   When I finally began to understand that my thoughts create my future my life began to change.  I watch my thoughts, my words and always keep an eye on my actions.  Are they in line with the life I want?  Do they support my healthy self-esteem? Is this God's best for me? What would Jesus do?

When Jesus walked the earth His subconscious mind created His world just like you and I are doing right now.  He had to watch the thoughts that He entertained in His mind as well because He understood that His thoughts manifested themselves and created the fabric of His life which would soon impact the lives of all of humanity.   Jesus meditated upon the word and He had the Holy Spirit to guide Him.   Jesus was a success because
 He willingly and obediently listened to the voice of the Spirit of God.  He was able to live a sin-free life as a man through the willful use of His Mind directed by the Holy Spirit.  Jesus purpose in life was to restore unto us all that God had given us and to show all of humanity how to obtain this inheritance of an abundant life.  It all rested on one single gift:  


Asking Jesus into your heart is not some religious act, it's a universal declaration of faith.  It is the highest form of self-love and self-confidence that a human being can achieve. When you ask Jesus in your heart you are welcoming His Mind (the Holy Spirit) as a partner and Co-Creator in your abundant life. The term "born-again" may have a religious stigma attached to it but the TRUTH is that when we invite the Mind of Christ in our Subconscious Minds or hearts we are brand-new. The evil inclinations of our hearts have been wiped away and now we can begin to create a new life with His help.  We have the Mind of Christ.  Who better to direct you in your journey through life than the One Who created You? God did not leave Us as orphans when He created Us. He gave us a subconscious mind but He also gave us the option to partner up with Him through the Mind of Christ so that we can experience Heaven on Earth on every level possible.  It's up to us- it's always up to us.  We have the freedom to choose life or death.  Jesus said, "Choose life".

I'm getting better at manifesting those things that I want but I'm so glad that I clearly understand that my self-esteem is the window or the filter that my subconscious mind uses to create my world.  My self-esteem will either block the Mind of Christ from communicating with me or allow a free-flowing channel of communication. When I felt insignificant in an area of my life then I created those experiences with my subconscious mind to affirm my insignificance.  When I pitied myself, then I attracted and created experiences to affirm that I must be pitied.  Oh, but when I allowed the Mind of Christ to educate me on my royal status as a Child and Citizen of the Kingdom of God then everything changed! My thoughts are now focused on life, liberty, divine protection and abundance.  My words are backed up by faith and love then peace and goodness become my companions.  Favor rushes ahead of me and opens every door, grants me special privileges, complete restoration, promotions and guaranteed victories.God becomes my self-confidence and I learn that I can do All Things Through Christ.  That immediately removes fear from my life and replaces it with a force that never fails- LOVE.  I begin to see myself the way God sees me.  I love myself because God loves me as much as He loves Jesus.  I no longer look at my past and mistakes- they no longer define me.  I begin to understand that everything I do begins to prosper in my hands because God is my source.  The things I used to worry about don't exist anymore.  My old ways of thinking and feeling and acting no longer determine my outcome.  I begin to live on purpose and watch as all of the desires of my heart become real. It is truly the only way to live.

I deserve to live a life like heaven on earth- but not because of anything that I've done but only because Jesus died so I could.  With His death and resurrection I inherited:                                                          

The Love and Acceptance of God
The Righteousness of God in Christ
Mind of Christ
Eternal Life
Sound Mind
Divine Health
Divine Wealth
Divine Protection
Honor and Favor
Salvation for my Family
Authority over Evil
Supernatural Wisdom and Discernment..and so much more

The bible lists thousands of promises that belong to us.  When we meditate on them our minds become renewed and begin to resemble the Mind of Christ.  This world's system is bent on destruction.  If we spend more time watching (meditating) the news, reality shows full of drama, and negative events our spirits weaken and our minds begin to produce that which we are feeding it.  Choose life. Choose to spend time meditating on all the wonderful promises of God.  Take time to listen to His voice in all of your decision-making so you can be successful in all you do.  Acknowledge Him in all your ways and He will direct Your Paths (thoughts).

Learning the Easy Way
I suppose most of us grew up hearing our parents' stories of struggle and sacrifice.  We teach our children not to do certain things or this and that will happen.  For a long time, I thought that every negative experience in my life came about to bring me closer to God and teach me something.  So when they'd come, I'd thank God and draw nearer to Him battered and bruised but thankful nevertheless.  Then I had a heart-to-heart with Him.  He showed me that in raising my children I naturally prefer they learn the right way of doing things than be disobedient.  No parent would prefer their child learn their lesson the hard way by breaking the rules, getting punished, then learning it that way.  Somehow this is how I thought my life had to be: make a mistake, learn my lesson, don't make the mistake again.  He showed me that as a good Father, He doesn't like punishing His children and the desire of His heart is that we willingly and obediently listen first to His voice.  It's when we don't listen that we get in trouble, but that was never Plan A for us.  He showed me that He is perfectly capable of helping us learn to do things right without first putting us through hard times.  Any belief that hard times were sent from God to help us learn and grow closer to Him are just not true.  Listen up: GOD is not the cause of negative experiences in our lives.  We are the cause of them.  So please reprogram your heart in terms of this idea or you will live your life bumped and bruised, battered and beaten down from one negative experience to another.  There is a better way- the easy way.   Being willing and obedient and you will eat the good of the land. 


This is good news. This was an eye-opener for me.  I began to remember that every negative experience in my life was preceded by negative thoughts and emotions: fear, anxiety, embarassment, insecurity, self-doubt, gossip, complaining.  Every positive experience in my life was preceded by good emotions: self-confidence, happiness, sense of belonging, compassion, love, thoughtfulness.  It's not magic, it's just how God created this Universe: what you focus on you attract and manifest in your life.  It's the Law.   We no longer have to wonder about how our lives are going to turn out.  We should know.  Just take inventory of your thoughts and your words.  That's what will determine the direction your life takes.

If you've suffered from one heartache after another then change your focus. Stop watching shows that focus on betrayal and pain, stop talking about your painful past.  Forgive and learn to trust, learn to love without fear of pain.  If you've struggled with poor health- change your focus. Stop pitying yourself and love yourself and expect goodness and love in the form of perfect health.  Forgive yourself and others which always releases God's healing flow in our bodies and mind. 

The formula for success is this: God can't accomplish His work on earth without us, and we can't accomplish our divine purpose without Him.  Our subconscious minds will create the road we travel one day at a time, whether that road leads to life or death is always OUR CHOICE. One way or another we will all understand this whether it's during times of trial after not heeding His warning or in a moment of peaceful reflection after blindly following His voice to safety and soundness.  God loves us so much more than even our hearts can imagine.  His plan is that we listen to His Voice and prosper. 

My desire is to teach the idea that we can choose to live a life of significance, abundance and soundness. We can do All things through Christ who Strengthens Us.

To Your Success!!


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