Friday, March 12, 2010

Complaining- The Blessing Repellant

I'm not much for complaining these days.  It's actually become one of my pet peeves because I now naturally gravitate towards people, places and things that are full of joy and goodness.  Therefore I have no need for complaining.  It doesn't serve the life that I want and am attracting everyday. You see I understand that the more I focus on the goodness and blessings all around me, the more of those things I attract.  My passion is to live a life of purpose.  The kind of life people only dream about- full of wisdom, love, abundance and divine guidance in every area of my life.   In order to accomplish this I have to be true to myself, have faith in God and express His love at home, at work and everywhere I go.  This is how God will be able to use me to enlarge and enrich humanity.  This is how good people become great and leave a lasting legacy of love and prosperity.

Living out your fullest potential in life requires discipline to let go of bad habits like complaining, worrying, self-defense mechanisms, excuses, guilt, envy & jealousy and self-pity.  These devices are only boundaries and stumbling blocks to your success. When you complain habitually it's because
 you don't have a good understanding of who you are and what is your purpose in life.  Because when you fully understand what you're made of you will never complain a day in your life but instead use your creative energy to give thanks and by default attract the very best life for you. 

We were given the power to create with our thoughts, words, feelings and actions.  When you complain about something, you are recreating that same experience again in your life.  By the nature of your thoughts, feelings and words you will attract that same experience you are complaining about over and over again.  It becomes a series of events that have a perfectly good explanation though they may seem to be coming out of nowhere.  You will get stuck in traffic again because you hate being stuck in traffic so much that you hoped all morning long, as you were getting dressed for work,you didn't run into traffic and couldn't believe how long it took you to get to work yesterday because of how bad the traffic was.  Then you jump on the highway and surprise- YOU'RE STUCK IN TRAFFIC!  You're focusing or meditating on negative results and then you wonder why, why, why?! 

Complaining is simply meditation on WHAT YOU DON'T WANT. It is the constant verbalizing of something undesirable.  When you complain you are sending the following signal to the Universe: I am unhappy because _________ !  The Universe says "Your wish is my command" and returns to you another condition that will elicit the exact same response.  So complaining occurs when you lack the knowledge of who you are and therefore complaining keeps you stuck in various undesirable circumstances. It blocks your growth and development and blocks your ability to attract good.  Complaining is essentially a reverse magnet to good.  It repels good experiences and attracts adverse ones.

Get Wisdom
Why would anyone attract something they don't want?  Because they simply don't understand how this Universe works.  There are fundamental laws that govern our existence and when you become educated in their use you will begin to experience visible success in all areas of your life.   The Law of Attraction or Cause & Effect will attract to you those things you are grateful for and at the same time those things you complain about.  Understand that this law is working every single moment of your life.  It is the very law that is holding this Universe together.  In the beginning God wanted to create a beautiful place for His children.  He imagined it in the slightest detail and He was satisfied that it was good.  He imagined the bodies of light he'd use to guide us through out the day and night.  He imagined the bodies of water, that would produce food and beauty for us.  He imagined the land and creatures for us to enjoy. He imagined the beautiful flowers and trees and fruits, colors and flavors.  He then opened His mouth and spoke those things into existence.  And everything He created for us was and still is GOOD.  You have the very same power that God has to create good things.  Use your Creative Power to enrich and enhance your life.  You can create the very best place for you and your family to live, the very best job, the very best friends, the very best life and you can have it when you use wisdom.  Use it to transform and bless your spouse, your children, your boss and company, your pets, your finances, the economy, third world countries and especially your neighborhood.

The fastest way to attract more good is to be thankful.

When you make a decision to stop complaining you will take the time to evaluate every experience with the right perspective.  Your analysis of an experience is essentially your perspective.  It's how you understand that situation to be.  Based on your understanding, your perspective can be very flawed or very accurate.  Your perspective will cause you to react in a certain way and that action will determine what you will attract.  You can easily change your perspective by learning to look for the good in everything.  When you see that there is good in all you will find that every experience is really just pushing you towards greater good.  Let me give you an example.    There was a time where I was in a very stressful job and I seemed to complain about everything.  Well, as I continued to meditate on the things I didn't want they actually began to take a toll on my health and I found myself mentally exhausted and physically drained.    I had no idea how I had gotten like this.  How could this have happened to me?  Have you heard that one before? :)  My mental and physical exhaustion were trying to send a signal to me that something was wrong and I needed to change. I could've blamed my boss or the commute or my schedule and I would've still been in that job, unhappy and undeveloped.  Instead of feeling bad for myself  and staying stuck in the seeming hopelessness of that situation I realized that this was an opportunity for change.   I took some much needed time off and I surrounded myself with the things I love like my family, friends, a good book, soothing music, funny movies, the beach and good food.    I got better fast and found a better job with an awesome manager and lifelong friends.  I learned skills in that job that made me a better engineer and a better mother and wife. So I inadvertently changed my perspective and changed my results.  It can happen that quickly.

The Power of Gratitude
I can tell you that every good thing I have experienced came about as I practiced an attitude of gratitude.  Simply feeling so blessed and so humbled by the the outpouring of love from God in the form of my children, my sound marriage, the beautiful day, the sound of the birds chirping and the laughter of children.  There is so much to be thankful for.  If I started writing down all of them I am sure I would never stop. 
Being thankful is an attitude we must practice daily if we want the riches of God's love to manifest.    When you thank God you are focusing on Him and you open a channel directly to Him.  You focus on Him, so He focuses on You. As you remain thankful you are sending love to Him via this channel. Gratitude is the channel through which He uses to send back His goodness to you.  Make it a daily habit to stay in an attitude of gratitude for everything.  This will literally eliminate complaining from your life. You will feel like you are walking on clouds because gratitude brings God's favor in your life. 

 10 Blessings that the FAVOR of God will produce!

1. God’s favor can produce supernatural promotion and increase (Gen 39:21)

2. God’s favor brings restoration of everything the enemy has stolen (Exo 3:21)

3. God’s favor brings honor in the midst of adversaries (Exo 11:3)

4. God’s favor can produce increased assets (Deut 33:23)

5. God’s favor can give great and unsual victories even against impossible odds (Jos 6:20; 10:9,20)

6. God’s favor can give recognition and promotion even when you seem to be the least likely one to receive it (1 Sam 16:22)

7. God’s favor can produce prominence and preferential treatment, favor and kindness (Est 5:8)

8. God’s favor gets petitions granted, even by ungodly civil authority (Est 8:5)

9. God’s favor can change rules, regulations, even laws if necessary to your advantage (Est 8:5)

10. God’s favor can win battles you did not even have to fight because God will fight them for you (Ps 44:3)

These are the benefits to living a life of purpose with the understanding that we have the power to create any life at all.  So get to work.  If you find yourself stuck in a series of negative experiences, the first place to look is your mouth. What are you using your words for? Are you using your words in faith to attract blessings into your life or are you complaining and attracting what you don't want? Change your perpsective and words and you will immediately see a change in your life. I dare you!

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