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 I have a little pouch due to my last pregnancy from over 15 years ago that I haven't been completely able to get rid of with situps. Since I'm an all natural kinda girl I opted to go for the au naturale route. I heard about IT Works! Body Wraps through a family friend.These wraps apparently have an organic application that turns your fat into energy.  You are supposed to see results within 45 minutes. Now that sounds like something I definitely wanna try! I'm excited! The wraps plus my situps should definitely put my abs in their rightful place! So of course I bought them and they are on their way. I'll be taking some before and afters for you all and document my journey as I shrink my Belly!  Stay Tuned!......

5 Applications later: 11/8/12
I received my box of Skinny Wraps about a month ago. I received 4 wraps in one small box. Each wrap was individually wrapped and sealed in a plastic envelope. When I opened up the wrap I noticed that it was infused with a cream. Per the directions, I opened it up, smoothed out the wrap on my belly and it reached around to the sides of my waist. I put on a tight leotard which did a great job of keeping it in place. I immediately began to feel a tingling sensation where I'd applied the wrap, almost a burning but not uncomfortable. After about an hour I took it off and rubbed the remaining cream on my belly. After a few hours I noticed the skin on my belly seemed smoother to the touch and the skin around my belly button had shrunk a little and seemed tighter. It was hard for me to actually believe that this could happen so quickly so I postponed my rational assessment and remained in denial until my next application....The rest of the story can be found here:

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