Thursday, January 14, 2010

Faith: the Power to Create Your Heaven on Earth- Part 1

Faith is the creative power that we inherited from God on Day 1. With faith working in your life, you can literally succeed at everything you set your mind to. The same way God in His infinite power and wisdom created the Heavens and Earth, so can we create our very own heaven on earth everyday. As a matter of fact, what you see around you; your job, your spouse, your home, your relationships, your health, your financial status all came from YOU. Before these things were physically real in the sense that you could see, feel, hear, taste and smell them, they were once a thought in your mind. As you focused on them they became more and more real until they eventually materialized.

Some things have a tendency of materializing easily while others will require more patience. It all depends on our faith and how real we make our desires. A person of faith understands that this Universe is energy and that your thoughts are energy and the actual causes of the effects of your world. This is very important because once you grow into this level of awareness you can begin to take control of your life. Therefore, the faith mindset approaches life from the standpoint that you are always in control, because you are always in control of your thoughts and emotions and actions. Faith takes responsibility for its life and is always monitoring its thoughts.

The Faith Mindset
You release your creative power through the development of the Faith Mindset. The Faith Mindset is simply an attitude (a way of thinking, feeling and acting) which says, "Whatever you are wanting, believe that you have received it, and it will come to pass in your life" or you will attract it. Meaning, when you act as if something you are wanting or believing for is already yours, you will see it materialize in your life. This is great news because through correct and systematic application, you can be, have and do anything you want and at the same time undo anything bad in your life!

Everyone was created with the power of faith within them. Most people use their power by default and never use it to positively impact their lives or others. You begin to prosper in some area of your life but don't know what you did and eventually go back to struggling. But when you understand who you are and why you were created and you place your Faith in God, the ultimate Creator of this Universe, the Omnipotent, the Almighty, the All-Wise, the Omnitient One, you become an unstoppable channel of abundance through which God uses to help others become channels of prosperity.

Faith and Your Thoughts
Faith knows the Eternal Truths and is grounded in them. It meditates on God’s Word day and night. It rejoices in the goodness of God and all of His beautiful promises of Love, Protection, Eternal Life, Divine Health, Wealth and Salvation. In order to develop the Faith Mindset you must understand that God is Abundance. There is no limitation in Him. His plan for your life is more wonderful than you could ever comprehend. Take time daily to understand Who He is and How he is and you will begin to take after His character.

The key to walking in abundance and prosperity is never to focus on thoughts of lack. Abundance is Life and that is why we were created. Study the life of Jesus as He is our example on how to live a perfectly, abundant life. That was His mission in life- to show mankind how to live abundantly through the power of faith in God within our subconscious minds. As you begin to focus on these eternal truths you will be better able to filter out thoughts that are of no service to the life you want to create.

It is impossible to fail when the majority of your thoughts are focused on SUCCESS. Every negative thought is a form of lack which creates a negative emotion and corresponding action. This mentality robs you of the goodness that God designed you to have and it ultimately prevents you from sharing His goodness with others. Your job is to recognize when a thought doesn't serve you and replace it with one that will create abundance in your life. 

Replace thoughts of:
Fear           with     Courage
Hatred        with     Love
Poverty       with     Prosperity and Wealth
Anger          with     Compassion
Frustration  with     Patience
Foolishness with  Wisdom
Pride             with   Humility
Infidelity         with   Loyalty
Discouragement  with Courage and Strength
Depression  with    Gratitude
Rebellion      with  Self Discipline
Jealousy       with  Self Esteem
Worry            with Trust in God and self

The Faith Mindset always focuses on the opposite of lack which is ABUNDANCE. You diligently pull out the weeds of lack from your garden (subconscious mind/heart) and keep it beautifully cultivated with thoughts of Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Goodness, Kindness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self- Control. When a thought of lack tries to influence your reality, Faith pulls it down and takes away its authority by replacing it with a thought of abundance. You may have to do this 100 times in one hour but the more you do this the more thoughts of lack will completely disappear from your mind. They will eventually have no place to grow and will die. As you focus on thoughts of abundance, your emotions will link up with that thought and begin to nurture it and breathe life into it.

Look for Part 2 of Faith: the Power to Create Your Heaven on Earth which will go into how your Emotions create your Heaven on Earth and Part 3 which will give you a crystal-clear picture of Faith in Action

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