Monday, March 8, 2010

Breaking Through the Surface

Pots of Dirt

A couple of months ago our family got together at my mom's house. It was really cold and rainy that day. My mom, who happens to be a green thumb, has this collection of orchids she was concerned about. It was supposed to be one of the coldest nights of the year and she knew that if the flowers stayed outside they would die. Well, they weren't really flowers yet. At the time they were just pots of dirt, and some of them had stems but if you know anything about orchids, until they bloom again, they are just a pot of dirt and a bald stem.

We began our rescue efforts and relocated more than 50 flower pots safely into the house. This is Florida and yes we have the most ideal weather but that night, with the cold and rain I remembered why I moved away from the North.

Unfortunately some of the big plants that didn't get relocated into the house that night showed signs of distress a few weeks later
and some of the leaves turned yellow and died. But through out the following months, those little orchid flower pots began to show signs of life.

Two months later those orchids are blooming ever so beautifully. Who would've thought those little pots of dirt would bloom into such beautiful flowers? This was such a clever reminder of how Faith works. When you meditate on the Word of God for a breakthrough in your life you do it blindly-in a way. You pray and you confess the Word over your life, you expect the best, but for a while you may not see any physical proof you are on the right track.

This is where most people fail.

You don't see anything happen in your life so you give up. All the while the seeds of faith you planted are growing below the surface, spreading its roots. Little by little it starts to inch through the soil trying to breakthrough the dirt. It's there, below the surface, but you can't see it. The moment you started thinking that nothing's happening those seeds of faith, that were about to breakthrough the surface, began shrinking right back and stopped growing. That's why there's no fruit on your trees or flowers on your stems. That's why you're still in debt or can't find a job. That's why you are still looking for Mrs. Right.

"It's not a money problem or an economy problem, it's a FAITH PROBLEM."
It's not a money problem, or an economy problem it's a faith problem. In order for you to get what you want outta life you have to follow the steps to get them. It's no different than anything else in life. If you want to visit a friend in another city, you have to follow certain steps to get there right?
1. You coordinate a time with your friend that is convenient for both of you.
2. You decide which means of transportation you will use
3. You shop around for the best rates
4. You call and purchase the ticket
5. You pack, get on your plane and arrive at your destination

You don't just wait until the day of your trip and wonder how you're gonna get there. Faith has steps you gotta follow in order to create whatever it is that you want.

Renew Your Thinking
1. Meditate on the Word of God so you can understand what belongs to you and what authority you have. When you begin to understand you were created to live a life of abundance then you can line up your desires accurately and stop limiting yourself and God.

2. Decide what you want. Do you want a sound marriage? Do you want to stop worrying about your kids' safety? Do you want your children to be spiritually grounded? Do you want financial freedom? Do you want divine health? All of these things are yours for the asking.

3. Focus and create a vision of what you want. If you want to find your soul mate then begin imagining yourself with that person to the greatest detail. List the things you want in that person, the vacations you'll take together, children you'll have. Be very specific.

4. Expect that you will manifest your vision. Regardless of the time it takes. Hold on to your vision. As you begin thanking God that your prayers have been answered you begin to water your faith seed. Stay in that attitude of gratitude and within a period of time your vision will manifest itself. Expectation brings excitement and eager anticipation.  So feel good because you are on track to receiving God's best and it works every time. Guaranteed.

5. Act. Do whatever it takes for you to feel like your vision has already manifested itself. Daydream about it, talk about it, praise God about it. Make a list of things you'll do once it happens. See yourself already in that moment. Your gratitude, praise, imagineering, will activate your faith and attract your manifestation to you.

You will see that the more you hold on to God's promises you will develop a sense of authority or ownership about it. You'll start feeling like "It's Mine!" Whenever you see a couple together, instead of feeling bad because you are single, it will serve as a reminder that your future love is on its way. Whenever you hear about someone else getting promoted, it will serve as a reminder that yours is on its way. Whenever you hear about someone hitting the Lotto, you'll know that your millions are on their way too. You begin to feel good that you are attracting your desires with every thought, every single day.

This is what dreams are made of and it works for anyone that applies the same principles. You are using God's Laws of Success to live heaven on earth: the Law of Meditation/Thought, The Law of Faith/Belief, the Law of Attraction/Cause & Effect, the Law of Increase/Gratitude. All of these Laws are always in operation in your life and its YOUR JOB to get educated so that you can use them to not only transform your life, but humanity as well.

Imagine if we'd never brought the flower pots into the house that night? All of those seeds would've never become beautiful orchids today. If you are wanting a breakthrough in your life make a daily habit of meditating on God's word and soon you will see that All Things Are Possible to Him That Believes.

If you'd like a study on God's Laws of Success click on the links to the right of the article and prepare to be transformed into a powerful being that is control of their life!

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