Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Life's a Beach

On Yom Kippur, though I'm not Jewish, I decided to take the day and meditate. Since Yom Kippur is the Day of Atonement, I decided to meditate on the areas in my life that needed changing. The kids were off from school, so we got up early, put on our swimming gear and were out the door...........Ten hours later, after hanging out with my family, I was determined to still make it to the beach. The sun had gone down and the heat had abated some but I was looking forward to some more relaxation. The beach for me is my sanctuary. The crystal clear, aqua-tinged water, the blue sky and white puffy clouds put me in heaven. The sound of the wind and crashing waves just soothes me to the core. I just couldn't wait. We parked and walked to the sand, spread out the blanket and just sat. The scenery was just majestic. I saw three different thunderstorms in the distance, on the horizon, creating the most beautiful light show. My very own fireworks display. I relished the beauty that surrounded me while the boys buried each other in the sand. Listening to their giggles, while my feet cuddled up to the warm, soft sand I got really quiet inside. Then it was almost like God was showing me that the beauty in front of me is just a reflection of what is inside my heart- it is the Secret to Life! Like I had produced it by just thinking it. My eager anticipation for it the whole day had created the perfect scenery beforehand, equipped with all the perfect elements to provide us a most magical experience. It was such a profound experience that it seemed like His words were in pictures. And I could see all the beauty but from a mirror. I got it! He was telling me that in the same way that I have the power to create a majestic experience I can create one not so majestic. That if I look around, everything in my life once existed in my heart before I could see it with my eyes. Armed with the Secret to Life, I could undo those things in my life that didn't belong there. I could change my whole life! I could change the mirror at will. It was crystal clear to me that day that each one of my thoughts were the strokes on the canvas of my life. And all I'd have to do is intentionally CHOOSE...... one... a Masterpiece. That is where the Adventure begins.....When will your adventure begin?

Thank You Father for always taking the time to talk to my heart and enlighten me with your Love. The greatest adventure of my life is being just like You. I AM LOVE

I Love You

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