Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Faith and your Emotions: Part II

What do your emotions have to do with your faith? Absolutely everything! If you feel down and discouraged it’s because you are not expecting the best therefore your faith is not working. Faith is always expecting the best and so it ALWAYS feels good! You are spending your precious time thinking or meditating on things that do not serve the very best life that you deserve. For most people it happens by default. You see, hear, feel, touch or taste something in your world then react instinctively to it. You either feel good as a result of what you have perceived or you feel bad. Let me show you what I mean in this scenario:

Let's say you’re driving to work. As soon as you get on the highway someone immediately cuts you off and runs you off the road.

You can react in 2 ways:

Positively with wisdom and understanding of Truth
Negatively with lack of wisdom in fear

Negative Reaction

You immediately focus on the fact that you almost got into an accident and get upset, allowing that experience to ruin the rest of your day. You can’t believe how some people drive! You frantically pick up the phone and call your husband, girlfriend or mom and tell them how you almost got into a car accident and go on about how crazy some people drive. It starts to pour and you can barely see the road. You get to work and your nerves are a mess and keep running into one negative experience after another. It takes you forever to find parking, your boss “rubs” you the wrong way and you’re flooded with memories of how you can’t wait to quit and find a better place to work. By the time you go home you are mentally and physically exhausted. The children have loads of homework they need your help with but the cooking still needs to be done and your husband forgot to thaw the meat when he got home from work. It just goes on and on, day after day.

Positive Reaction

Instead of getting upset you focus on the truth that since you are always in God’s loving arms he will always protect you and has protected you once again. You are overcome with joy and gratitude that you didn’t get into an accident and that you are safe and sound. You are still alive and look forward to spending time with your spouse and children. Your car doesn’t have one scratch on it and you won’t have to deal with the hassle of repairs, insurance increases or having to get a rental car. You still got to work on time and there was no traffic on the way there. You found parking in your company’s covered parking lot so you didn’t get wet from the rain. You actually HAVE a job to go to where you are valued and needed and have the means to take care of your family. This experience really helps you appreciate your life even more and renews your passion for life and love for God and your family. It makes you more humble, thankful and you feel blessed.

When you react positively to life experiences you are working with the Law of Attraction and will attract more positive experiences into your life. Your feelings will tell you if you are on track but you have to constantly monitor yourself. When you feel good it’s because you are expecting the best. When you feel bad it’s because you are expecting the worst. It’s that simple and it never fails. Your thoughts are creating your feelings. If you want to experience abundance or success in any area of your life, monitor how you feel about that area.

Do you feel bad when you think about your finances? Do you get down when payday comes? When you think about your spouse what images come to mind? Are you secretly afraid your spouse will leave you someday for someone else or do you feel safe and secure in their love? When you look at yourself in the mirror do you feel a sense of accomplishment or defeat? Do feel a sense of pride towards your children or fear they will become failures in life? These are real questions you have to ask yourself. Be honest and take inventory of how you feel because your feelings are the #1 way to tell if you are on track to receiving the very best.

You should feel great about every area of your life. You should feel proud of your children, feel secure in your loving spouse's arms, know that you are financially secure and look forward to managing your money wisely. You have the right to feel good about yourself and how you look and feel. You have the right to feel safe and secure wherever you go, knowing that God’s love follows you everywhere. If there are areas in your life where you are struggling it’s simply a matter of shifting your focus. By meditating on the truth of a situation instead of the facts based on your 5 senses you will begin to see it differently and subsequently feel better and inevitably experience a successful change in that area. Truth is based on God’s Laws and when you base your life on TRUTH you will always experience a constant sense of peace and joy and ultimately success. Fear makes you anxious and worry because you are meditating on False Evidence Appearing Real and expecting the worst.

Let’s say for example you were laid off, got behind on your bills and keep getting calls from collectors. You feel bad every time you get a call and when you get paid you also feel bad because you know you’re not going to have enough to pay everybody. So everyday when you get up you expect to get calls from them and when you get paid you expect not to have enough to catch up. If you don’t do anything to change how you feel about your finances nothing will change. The Law of Attraction is working perfectly. Your thoughts and feelings of lack are attracting the perfect circumstances to accommodate them. You may not realize you are doing this but that is how the Law of Attraction works.

Your thoughts are the seeds.

Your feelings water and nourish your thought seeds.

Your hope or expectation is the sunlight that helps your seed grow to maturity.

As you can see, it doesn’t matter what you are focusing your thoughts on, the moment you attach feelings to it and expectation you will manifest it. Guaranteed. Every time.

So make a decision to focus your thoughts on the truth not facts and not live your life based on your 5 senses alone. Make a decision to monitor your emotions. Take the time to isolate and remove the negative thoughts that lead to the negative feelings and negative life outcomes. You can be, have and do anything you want. You can create your very own heaven on earth and it all starts one thought at a time.

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