Friday, June 24, 2011

Manifest the Best

I am so excited about life! Life is such an adventure when you understand that YOU are creating your life with your thoughts and feelings! Today while working at home, I took a break and sat out on the patio with my "The Power" book by Rhonda Byrne reading about how your feelings are the catalyst that create your life. I think about this past year and am so grateful by how far I've come and how God has mercifully showed me how to overcome the fears I had experienced.  It is such a relief to know that my responsibility in this life is not to concern myself with HOW something I want will come to me, but to only EXPECT it with my good feelings and God will do the rest.

Most people get stuck because they want certain things in life but don't see the money they need to get those things.  You don't need money to GET what you want.  Reality Check! There is nothing standing in the way to what you are seeking.  Before any business transaction takes place a spiritual transaction always precedes it. Your feelings are the currency required in exchange for what you want.  All you need to do is
manufacture the feelings right NOW that you will have when you physically GET what you've been seeking.  That is when your expected good appears- when you are so convinced that you ALREADY have what you've been seeking and you do it with your feelings.

Your good feelings are the magnets that attract what you want.  So make the mental shift and believe that you NOW have what you've been seeking:
- you no longer think about WANTING __________ because now you HAVE it
- you no longer search the web for what you want because you confidently already feel that you have it
- if you want a house and you have made the mental you shift that you NOW have it then your focus is enjoying decorating your house.  You start buying paint, get new furniture, pick out new flooring new decor.
- whenever you think of that thing you've been seeking, now your perspective has changed.  Instead of seeking, you have possession of it.  It is your property.  We never spend ANY time at all searching, shopping, or hoping for something that we already have.  That's considered a waste of time.  Who would do that? Who would spend time wishing and hoping they could have for example a watch that is strapped to their wrist?  No one would.  This is the same mentality we need to adopt when we are really desiring something.  Your behavior with respect to that thing has to be as if you already own it. 
- you now spend your time just being very grateful that you RECEIVED what you've been seeking.

I remembered that every good thing I have ever received came because I just stopped struggling to get it and it came naturally.  That's how we were created to live and that's confidence.  Believing you already have it by acting like its already yours. So just feel good.  Enjoy life.  Take the time to notice how beautiful the clouds are today or how wonderful your job is or how gorgeous your husband is and loving your children are. The more you feel good, the more good you are creating.  Every moment you take to be patient, loving, caring, helpful, joyful, strong, courageous, compassionate, peaceful you are creating your dreams come true.  So stay focused on feeling good and sooner than later you will be surrounded by only good people, good experiences, good places and what most people consider "Good Luck!" 

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