Thursday, July 12, 2012

How Lebron James Won His First NBA Championship Title

Let me start off by saying I don't personally know Lebron James but I did know he would win his first championship title this year and let me explain why. Last year when Lebron decided to leave the Cleveland Cavs and play for the Miami Heat, he stirred up a lot of controversy.  Regardless of what his motivation was for leaving, I gave him credit for taking a risk.  He did it without caring what people would say.  He made a choice.  Now his first year with Miami was without question the most mentally taxing year he's ever had. Not because he was new to the team and had to formulate a bond so they could optimize their performance as a unit but this is why-
Lebron stopped feeling good about his playing the game he loves.  He stopped playing for the love of it. Whenever love is not the motivation of what you are working towards, it will always fail.

You see, I understand that success starts in the mind way before it ever becomes a physical reality so I knew that in order for him to win this year, he had to change his way of thinking. He simply needed to make some mental modifications that would develop the confidence he needed to win his first NBA title. You have to feel good about that thing that you are working towards.  You have to feel like it's already yours. The crying, the laughing, the relief, the clapping all of it have to come before it shows up. When it shows up, it's not a surprise but a welcome friend and you say, "Hey, what took you so long?!"

This year, I saw a new Lebron. This year I saw something in Lebron's eyes I had never seen before.  It didn't matter how many points the Heat would be down by, his countenance never flinched.  They'd come back up every single time.  I saw something in Lebron's demeanor that was unmistakable.  It was confidence.  It was faith.  He seemed calm., poised during the games. I saw him reading even meditating several times before the game.  This new Lebron knew that losing was an impossibility.

Many sports analysts questioned his ability to lead the Miami Heat this year but I knew the Truth.  It wasn't about odds it was all about faith and confidence. When confidence is present nothing can overcome it.

After the championship, he was interviewed saying that he had to get back to the love of the game because he had allowed the constant pressure and scrutiny to get to him so he started playing angry trying to prove himself. But this year..well you know how the story ends.  Miami swept the Boston Celtics 4 games to 3  to win their second NBA Championship and Lebron's beloved first.  Love, confidence, faith, whatever you want to call it never fails.  Just ask Lebron.

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