Friday, September 14, 2012

Kindle Book Launch!

The Little Book of Breakthrough: Breakthrough Thoughts for Manifesting Your Heaven on Earth

Official Amazon Kindle Book Launch!

I know it's been a while since I've blogged and I do apologize.  Though I've been busy with work, family and finishing my first Kindle Book, I am so excited! It's been such a great adventure and I've learned so much along the way. I will eventually write an ebook on Kindle Publishing to help newbies get there books off the ground. So thankful for my family's support during this first project. There's definitely a lot to publishing but like anything else in life, once you figure out the best practices you can perfect it and use it to bless others. That's what I love to do--Bless!

The content was written about 2 years ago but after a great deal of research and seeing that there were already so many self-help guides I decided on a different approach.  I wanted to simplify the process of breaking through life's struggles. Many people get lost in the theories behind self-help guides and lose interest when all they want is something practical they can use right away to change their life. Even if you don't thoroughly understand the Laws of the Universe, this meditation can help you right where you are in life. The Little Book of Breakthrough makes it easy for anyone to

 breakthrough life's struggles-just 3 minutes each meditation.

I hope you love the book as much as I enjoyed writing it.  It's an effective meditation to help you create breakthroughs and it's only 3 minute so it fits into anyone's schedule. Listen, it doesn't take years of therapy and a library of self-help guides to find joy and peace. It's already inside of you. You just need to learn how to manifest it for yourself.

People need hope to overcome struggle and a quick and effective meditation to help them break through to the next level in their life. That's what this book gives them- hope. It puts the power back in their hands. As I wrote this book and proofread  it, the Breakthrough Thoughts would energize me when I read over them. The more I read them the better I felt. It was definitely a pleasure writing it.  I'm so eager to see how it's changing lives.  Please leave a review to help others understand your experience with the book.

I wish I'd had something like this when I was struggling to breakthrough to a better life. I needed something easy and effective to help me develop self esteem.  I'd read different self-help books with different methods and I'd put them all together then have to carry around index cards, with some of the notes I'd learned to get me through the day. I'd meditate on specific thoughts that I wanted to deposit in my mental database during these stages of my spiritual development to help me breakthrough to the next level. It was a process that really began to produce success in my life. I took out all of the guess work because these thoughts are specifically designed to improve each area of your life. They've helped me experience financial stability, find my soul mate, find my dream job, overcome anxiety, overcome a fear of flying, overcome a fear of public speaking, help me lose weight and most importantly develop self-confidence. They are all based on the Truth and Love so they will produce Heaven on Earth in your life. So without further ado......
After years of research, the official launch of my first book has begun!  The Little Book of Breakthrough: Breakthrough Thoughts for Manifesting Your Heaven on Earth is on Amazon for $.99 for a limited time!  Get your copy now!

The Official Amazon Book Description
STUCK! Is that how you would describe your life? Does it seem like no matter what you do, you can't get ahead? Well, you’re not alone. Most people struggle through life without recognizing their true purpose or think life is a string of random incidents that cannot be predicted or controlled. They can't control their thoughts so they live in a rollercoaster they call life.

The Truth

The true magic of life is you were designed for abundance with the freedom to create your heaven here on earth but you have three obstacles keeping you from breaking through from struggle.  The Little Book of Breakthrough: Breakthrough Thoughts for Manifesting Your Heaven on Earth reveals these obstacles and removes them from your life with a powerful 3-minute meditation that replaces thoughts of struggle with Breakthrough Thoughts. 

Breakthrough  Meditation

With so many self-help guides and meditation techniques out there- what is the best meditation? You'll be relieved to know this is not another self-help guide telling you to think positive thoughts. Thinking positive thoughts is not enough.  In just 3 minutes you can say goodbye to low self-esteem, mediocrity, anxiety, and poverty thinking and say hello to courage, confidence and success. Freedom is no longer off-limits.
Your Heaven on Earth is one Breakthrough Thought ™away!

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