Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Love- The Weapon of Mass Creation

The other day I was driving and meditating on God's love.  Then a car pulled up in front of me with a bumper sticker that read "God is the Answer" but I saw "Love is the Answer".  God is LOVE.   I am learning that when you pour love into any issue of life it will easily resolve itself.  Love never fails because God never fails.  Everything He does is inspired by love.

 When you pour love in your children they grow up secure, self-confident and happy.  When you unconditionally love your spouse, your marriage becomes
stable, satisfyingly joyful and it endures.  When you love your body you eat the right things and the right amounts at the right times and you work out and your body stays strong and healthy and glorifies God.  When you love you take care of the thing you love.  When you love God you take time to talk to Him, to appreciate Him, to listen and harvest of blessing in your life.

Love is the crowning glory of God. Treating others with love honors God and the glorious results of that treatment always bring attention to His goodness. Understanding the love of God is truly the most important thing in life.  The Kingdom of God is a Kingdom of Love.  It displays His personality and nature. The Kingdom of God on earth operates exactly the same way in Heaven.    When you walk in love you will experience divine health, wealth, peace, joy, blessings abundantly, divine protection and sound relationships.

Love guarantees that you receive every blessing that God has promised.  Love protects and secures us. Love provides a long, satisfying life full of abundance and prosperity.  Love is a sign of a mature child of God.

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